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   Welcome to my website!


   I have been actively involved in the Digital Video and Effects industry for the

   last 13 years. I have put together a few samples of my recent works.


   My role varied depending on the project from director, writer, camera

   operator, editor, compositor, VFX artist and animator. I am passionate 

   about the entire production process from concept to completion.


   I love collaborating with fellow creative people and have experienced 

   the challenges presented by complex productions. My accute understanding

   of current technology and the production pipeline enables me to communicate

   clearly between the different creative disciplines. This has proven to be an

   invaluable quality that has avoided numerous bottlenecks in the past.


   I am not afraid to learn, when presented with a new concept or technology I

   rise to the occasion and approach the challenge with vigor and enthusiasm.

   I have produced content for multiple presentation media ranging from

   regular TV and video to complex Stereoscopic (polarized projection),

   Multi-screen (up to 7 screen panoramas) and even Waterscreens.  


   Take a look around and feel free to contact me if you believe that your

   project could benefit from my involvement.




   Anton Wannenburg